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Back to Africa

Two friends from the Boston area have recently announced that they’re heading back home to Africa. Ory Okolloh has decided to delay her entry into the world of high-powered corporate law to head home to Nairobi and lend her considerable expertise to the local ICT policy sector. I’m looking forward to the sorts of mischief Ory will be able to achieve with her blog once she’s back in Kenya – she’s promised a redesign and a new site launched at a kenyanpundit.com URL. (In the meantime, I’ve discovered that Ory’s current blog is the second result on Google for a search for “Ory”. If only she’d have a succesful career as a jazz musician, I suspect she could knock Kid Ory out of the first spot.)

I just heard from Dumisani Nyoni this morning that he’s returning home to Zimbabwe to work with his family on rural development projects. In an email to friends, Dumi mentions that many of his friends are asking him pointed questions about why he’d return home now, at a moment where Zimbabwe is getting so much “ugly press” – he explains that he’s looking forward to working with his family, to having a chance to make a difference, and to being home. He’s reminded me every time we’ve talked about Zimbabwe that the situation is much more complicated than “Mugabe bad, Zimbabwe failing”, and I’m very much looking forward to following his blog once he’s back home.

Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah and I met for a beer last night in Cambridge, and I realized, talking to him about life in Accra, that I haven’t been to Ghana in over a year now, which is the longest interval I’ve been away in about six years. I’m realizing how much I’d like to go back for a visit as I read Andy Carvin‘s excellent Ghana entries and realize how envious I am of Ory and Dumi and their trips home.

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