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Katrina PeopleFinder

Thanks to everyone who’s offered help on the Katrina PeopleFinder project. As of this morning, more than 68,000 records had been created in the database by over 2,100 volunteers – this is an amazing example of people’s willingness to lend a hand if given an opportunity to do so. (Check the progress of the effort on posts here.)

I’ve had to step back from the project and get back to “ordinary” life – fortunately David Geilhufe, who’s organized the effort from the start, was able to find great volunteers to take over the technical side of the effort. If you’re interested in helping out, entering data or on the programming side of things, don’t email me, please – visit the wiki to learn how to do data entry, or post on this page to volunteer your PHP/Perl skills at scraping bulletin boards to create new assignments.

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  1. Ethan, BusinessWeek Online’s Heather Green did a write-up on the Katrinalist.net and the PeopleFinder projects. Read the September 7th post at BusinessWeek’s “Blogspotting” blog if you haven’t already done so.

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