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The Berkman Center meets Second Life

Cory Ondrejka and John Lester from Linden Lab, the builders of Second Life, were our guests at Berkman yesterday, which turned Tuesday into “virtual worlds day”. Cory walked us through a quick slideshow, giving a sense for the remarkable growth … Continue reading

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Ethiopia deserves better than “better than Mengistu”

Better late than never, I suppose. The editorial board of the New York Times used some of their space on Sunday to condemn Meles Zenawi’s increasingly dictatorial governance of Ethiopia and to ask Tony Blair to remove Zenawi from his … Continue reading

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Sitting still and meditating on travel addiction

My good friend Tomas Krag just posted a thought-provoking observation about travel. Like me, Tomas has spent a good piece of the last five years on the road, working on ICT for development projects around the globe. According to his … Continue reading

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A Mongolian and a Bulgarian walk into a basho…

It’s the end of autumn and the beginning of winter here in the Berkshires. Usually, this is the time of year I’m arranging my schedule to ensure I catch as many Green Bay Packers games as possible. But with the … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving… and my recipe for Turkey a la Pompeii

Thanksgiving is both the simultaneously the simplest and most fraught of major American holidays. On the one hand, it’s a very straightforward holiday. You get together with friends and/or family and eat a (surprisingly ritualized) meal. Easy. And yet, it’s … Continue reading

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Bridging across Central Europe

My colleague Jerzy Celichowski just brightened my day by pointing me to his bridge blog. Inspired by last year’s Global Voices meeting at Harvard, he decided that he’d blog about his life in Hungary in his native Polish. I don’t … Continue reading

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GV wins a BOB!

Someone needs to teach the Germans to write headlines. The lead for their story today on the 2005 weblog awards: “Best Weblog of 2005 Goes to Overweight Woman”. Uh, okay – perhaps you want to tell me something about the … Continue reading

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Heck of a Blog

A good friend works for the US government. He’s an uncommonly bright guy and does amazingly complex technical things for a government agency you’ve never heard of (not one of the sinister ones) at a facility somewhere near Washington DC. … Continue reading

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Great summary of our session on Friday

I usually try to blog conference sessions I attend, because it’s rare that a journalist will provide a full blow-by-blow of what transpired. But Mithre Sandrasagra, writing for Inter Press in Johannesburg did an astounding job of summarizing our session … Continue reading

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Two very different nights in Tunisia

Talking with friends about my time in Tunisia now that I’m safely at home in the US, people keep asking me whether I was worried about my safety. The answer is an unambigious “no”. In most repressive societies, it’s not … Continue reading

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