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Globeshakers Interview on ITConversations

Tim Zak, the head of Pittsburg Social Enterprise Accelerator, has teamed up with Doug Kaye of IT Conversations to produce a new podcast series called “Globeshakers”, which features social innovators from around the world. They’re off to a great start with interviews with Andrew Zolli (the curator of Pop!Tech), David Bornstein (an author and expert on social entrepreneurship)… and me.

Tim asked me to talk about my experiences with the Katrina Peoplefinder project and the larger issue of how the Open Source community responds to disasters. You can read more about the conversation here, or just download and listen to it. Thanks, Tim, Doug and Peter Durand, for making this interview – and so many others – possible.

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  1. I have to say you gave a rather good interview. Sounds like you are involved in a lot of different projects. I’m always impressed by people who can involve themelves with big causes. Good luck with that whole Africa thing. It is probably a big project getting the Africans onto the Internet and educated.

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