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Checking in from Les Blogs

I’m at the Les Blogs conference in Paris, speaking this afternoon on a panel put together by my friend Thomas Crampton on weblogs and journalism. It’s the start of my last business trip of the year (yay!), which involves Paris, Oxford, London and Boston.

My friend Loïc Le Meur has put together a terrific agenda and lots of good friends, including Martin Varsavsky, David Sifry, Antoin Lachtnain and others, are here and it looks like a fun time. There’s folks here from as far as Iceland, Hungary, Finland and Japan. The second best represented nation here? That European powerhouse, the United States…

Noting that we’re in Paris (at Negocia, a business school associated with the French Chamber of Commerce), Loïc asks us not to burn the cars. Robert Scoble tells him we won’t, so long as the Wifi works. And we’re off…

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  1. (Because how often do I get to offer you places to see? :-) If you have time to wander in Oxford… off Broad St., around the corner from Blackwell’s art book/poster place, there’s a cafe with QI on the door. It has the quirkiest and best one-room bookstore I’ve ever seen.

    Or, stand outside the Bodleian, where Broad meets Hollywell; cross the street away from the library. (I don’t have the street name here, on the map my sister drew me on the back of an envelope. If you head the other way, past the library and the Radcliffe Camera, you can also climb the tower of St. Mary’s for a pound and look out along the High.)

    Head across Broad Street, away from the library, and past the estate in the fields behind the wrought iron fence, and the Natural History museum comes up on the right. You walk through the fossilized crocodiles to get to the Pitt Rivers museum. This is a history in thousands of objects from all over the world. It also has, or it had, an exhibit of William Thesiger’s photographs from the years he lived in southern Iraq, with the people of the marshes. The museum owns his whole collection.

  2. Was so cool you made it Ethan and too bad we have not spent more time together, see you again soon and don’t forget to send me what you know !

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