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The good word from Canary Wharf

There’s almost ninety of us in a beautful room at Reuters Headquarters in Canary Wharf, London. But in typical Global Voices fashion, there’s a virtual footprint to the gathering as well. The conference is being audiocast – you can tune in at here or here. There’s an IRC transcript of the conference, being broadcast by SJ Klein on the #gvtrans channel on freenode.irc.net, as well as a backchannel conversation in #globalvoices. Angelo Embuldeniya is taking logs from those IRC sessions, writing them into blogposts, adding photos posted from people in the room and creating a live blog of our conference, despite the fact that he’s in Bahrain…

For a visual sense of what’s going on, please check out the GlobalVoices tag on Flickr – there’s lots and lots of photos from the gathering.

It’s interesting – much of the goal of the conference for me was just getting everyone together in this room. I think there’s so much to be said for getting people who work virtually to see each other face to face. But now we’re getting into the substance of the conference – talking about how bloggers in our communities can best work with mainstream journalism in our current session. I’m realizing that I may be following a great deal of the conversation via the transcript and blog after the fact because there’s so much to think about, logistically, while the conference is going on…


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  1. Ethan,
    I my participation to the conference was through IRC.The discussion there were powerful than I thought.Congratulations to all of you and of course Angelo who made our contribution possible!

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