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A confession

I have a confession to make: I don’t read every post made to Global Voices.

Many days, I read the entire feed. Some days, only some of the posts. And on days when I’m on airplanes or hugely busy, sometimes very few of the posts. For god’s sakes, there’s been 43 posts so far today, and there will probably be more before I go to bed.

It’s worse than that. I don’t read everything posted to BlogAfrica. Or to Worldchanging. I’m a bad, bad person.

(I also don’t floss every day. And I sometimes wait 4,000 miles between oil changes.)

Fortunately, David Sasaki, GV’s Latin America editor, has a solution for me. He’s now writing a daily email that features some of the most interesting stories on Global Voices. It’s one screenlength long, links to half a dozen great blog posts, takes about two minutes to read, and helps me feel less like a deadbeat dad. You should subscribe to it.

You should floss, too, but that’s really your problem, not mine.

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