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So where do I register

There’s an extremely cryptic story posted on The People’s Daily Online about an interesting change to the Chinese domain name system. The article announces: A new Internet domain name system will take effect as of March 1 in China. Under … Continue reading

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Other posts from TED

The pace of my blogging of the TED conference made it more or less impossible to point to other bloggers hard at work at the same event. Bruno Giussani also liveblogged the event – he and I spent Saturday lunch … Continue reading

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Museveni “wins”

I predicted that Museveni would get 55% of the popular vote and claim victory without a runoff in Uganda’s elections, and that the opposition would declare the vote rigged and respond with increasingly intense protest. I was off by 4% … Continue reading

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Summarizing TED

Tom Rielly has a very funny, very profane, very politically incorrect summary of the conference. Rather than attempting to replicate his unique performance, replete with armies of barbie dolls, powerpoint slides, and references to a “crade to crade scream bag”, … Continue reading

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Someone buy Vinod Khosla some Ethanol

Legendary venture capitalist Vinod Khosla gives a three minute talk about ethanol powered “flex fuel” cars. He tells us that Brazil has adopted ethanol fueled cars in an amazing way – they’ve gone from 4% to 70% of all new … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s standup routine

Songwriter Jill Sobule was challenged to write an appropriate song to introduce Al Gore. She’s got a pretty little ditty with the chorus “Everyone’s out in merry Manhattan in January”. Al Gore’s the comedy relief. No, seriously. He’s really, really … Continue reading

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Green is the New Black

Majora Carter is the founder and executive director of Sustainable South Bronx. She takes the stage, wearing a “Green the Ghetto” t-shirt and tells us that sustainability and environmental justice are achievable goals in urban areas. She comes from a … Continue reading

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Jamais Cascio fixes the future

Jamais Cascio has a tough act to follow, but he’s perfectly qualified to address the last session’s topic, “The Future We Will Create”. As the co-founder and senior correspondent for, he (we, as I’m a correspondent and chairman of … Continue reading

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Thomas Dolby blinds us all

Thomas – not Tom – Dolby provides the intersession music for TED as the official musical director. He tells us that, ever conference, a TEDster corners him and asks when he’s going to play “his song”. So we get a … Continue reading

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Gregory Colbert, on behalf of the elephants

Gregory Colbert is the photographer and videographer behind Ashes and Snow, a remarkable exhibition of three films and over 100 large photographs of animals, hoping to inspire a magical and inspirational view of nature. The show, hosted in a set … Continue reading

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