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Other posts from TED

The pace of my blogging of the TED conference made it more or less impossible to point to other bloggers hard at work at the same event. Bruno Giussani also liveblogged the event – he and I spent Saturday lunch comparing our strategies and our relative levels of exhaustion. Next year, maybe we’ll be smarter and take turns covering events. If you’re looking for comprehensive coverage of the conference, put his posts together with mine, and you’ll have pages and pages of in-depth posts.

The official TED blog, put together by June Cohen and others, had an excellent feature – “the day in quotes”. “The Lone Ronin” had better seats than I did, and has lots of good photos of the glitterati with their red badges. Ory Okolloh and “My Name is Kate” both offered their favorites of each session. Tom from TrueTalk, Loic Le Meur, kev/null, Renee Blodgett and surely others I’m missing.

Tom Abate, writing in the San Francisco Chronicle, highlighted some of his favorite talks from TED and was kind enough to note my three-minute talk on Asian blogs.

Thanks to everyone from TED and all the speakers for four unforgettable days and lots of exciting new ideas to play with.

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  1. Hey, Ethan ..

    Great idea! Next year, lets share out the live blogging duties .. I don’t know how you and Bruno and others did such extensive notes. I’m lucky to get one post a day :-)

    Thanks for the link!

    Cheers .. Kate

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