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My new career: shill

The Guardian’s Julia Day has an article on the session I participated in at the Al Jazeera Forum yesterday, titled “US Media at an ‘all-time low'”. The quote was from Amy Goodman, whose critique of US media was warmly received by the audience. The article includes a quote from me about what I see as a failing of both US media and Al-Jazeera and Arab media – the failure to adequately cover stories in the developing world.

Offering a slightly different intepretation of the Guardian story, NewsBusters – “Exposing and Combatting Liberal Media Bias” – declares “American Press Reps Shill For Al-Jazeera, Declare U.S. Media Are ‘Dying'”. As I’m prominently quoted in the post, I’ve evidently just become both an American Press Rep (something I’ve never previously been accused of being) as well as a shill for Al-Jazeera. All the more ironic is the fact that the quote in question was part of a critique of Al-Jazeera…

Good shill that I am, I’ll offer you a photo tour of Al Jazeera headquarters in Doha. Perhaps when I’m not in an airport lounge, I’ll turn some of these photos into proper blogpost – in the meantime, they’re captioned on Flickr.

3 thoughts on “My new career: shill”

  1. after being a part of the mediamatters.org redesign, i became aware of newsbusters (http://www.seancoon.org/2005/10/newsbusters-now.html).

    MM may go over the top with documenting things like “the war on christmas” meme, but their goal is tracking conservative misinformation, something provable. going after a “liberal bias” is beyond a subjective task. newsbusters is a joke.

    ethan, you’re such a shill! haha.

  2. I am constantly amused by the way more conservative media outlets use great words like “shill.” Fox News has used “hornswoggle” and something else I forgot. They have good vocabs, if nothing else, right?

  3. Newsbusters blocks anyone who challenges them in any way. Sites that don’t offer true debate are a joke to anyone with a brain.

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