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Dean Ornish – Eat right!

Dr. Dean Ornish packed more into three minutes than some presenters have put into 18. He’s known for his work on preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer via diet. He introduces the idea of the “Globalization of Illness”. In a single generation, Asia went from not having much heart disease to having a high rate, because Asia’s adopting our diet as we export it, and our way of life.

While heart disease is a huge killer in our society, it’s preventable in 95% of cases. He believes that the epidemic of obesity we’re seeing may shorten American lifespans for the first time in history. We’ve seen a 70% increase in diabetes over the past 10 years. We’ve proved we can reverse prostate cancer with diet – we know we can reverse heart disease and diabetes as well. Companies like McDonalds – which sold 800 million salads last year – are even learning how to make money in the process.