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Rob Forbes likes cities

Rob Forbes, the founder of Design within Reach, gives a talk which is basically unbloggable. It’s a set of photos he’s taken while walking around the cities of the world. He’s got beautiful observations – the power of the color red, the connection between good design and cities with bicycles, the beauty of scaffolding on a building – but they’re hard to point to without the photos.

Forbes clearly has a love affair with cities – specifically cities he can walk through. He believes that cities are the place where we’re most likely to encounter diversity, and uses the phrase “the sanctity of urban areas” without irony. He’s particularly moved by Chicago’s Millenium Park – he sees Chicago as an internatioanl model for enlightened urban planning and the creation of functional public space.

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  1. I like the style of Rob Forbes. It’s my sytle. Diversity makes the world interesting but I would have a better functioning brain if the world were more minimalistic.
    I like to send Mr. Forbes a copy of one of my drawings. I think he’d dig it. Actually, you can see it if you go to my web site.

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