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Thomas Dolby blinds us all

Thomas – not Tom – Dolby provides the intersession music for TED as the official musical director. He tells us that, ever conference, a TEDster corners him and asks when he’s going to play “his song”. So we get a live performance of “She Blinded Me with Science”, with harmonica from Charles Fleisher who jumps up from the audience with his harp. Dolby’s got great headphones. He refers to the “mad scientist rant” section as “the Cliff Stoll part”. Very, very cool.

3 thoughts on “Thomas Dolby blinds us all”

  1. What I meant to say was “actually, it’s Thomas” but it got cut off when I ran the computer sequence for the song intro!

  2. Thomas Dolby just commented on my blog! How cool is that?

    Correction made, Thomas. It was really a treat having you set the mood and tone for the conference, and I won’t forget you playing “your hit” any time soon.

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