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Honoring African Women

African bloggers are using the occasion of International Women’s Day – today – to honor great African women, whether these women are public figures, or simply figures significant to their lives. Global Voices Africa editor Sokari Ekine has a comprehensive roundup in two parts on our site. It’s an amazing tour of the women in the public sphere and family life of bloggers across the continent. Sokari chooses to honor OC Odua, a Niger delta activist who stood up to powerful oil companies who attempted to displace her and her family from her community in the Niger delta. Also very much worth a read is Sokwanele’s celebration of WOZA – Women of Zimbabwe Arise. Happy International Women’s Day, and congratulations to the amazing women honored in all these posts.

1 thought on “Honoring African Women”

  1. I couldn’t agree more about honoring the strength and inventiveness of these leaders.

    And yet I can’t help thinking, every time I see any “women’s day” type thing: 52% (or so) of the human race. One (1) day a year. The other 364 days are for …?

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