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links for 2006-03-23

Like so many other bloggers, I’m trying out a new feature from del.icio.us which allows me to publish each day’s bookmarks as a blog post. The theory behind it? There’s a lot of great sites and posts I tag every day but don’t blog because I have little to add beyond thinking a particular link is cool.

One interesting implication – you guys get to discover some topics that I’m actively researching but haven’t blogged about, like large-scale wind farms, one of my current obsessions.

I hope this is useful and not an intrusion into your aggregators – if it is, let me know and I’ll reconsider.

2 thoughts on “links for 2006-03-23”

  1. hey ethan, i did the same thing, for the very same reasons, but ended up using a wordpress del.icio.us plug-in (del.icio.us cached) to present my travels across the web (greensboro101.com dropped my feed due to the nature of the content)

    the plugin generates a del.icio.us links list — 10 links long — in your sidebar and updates each time you bookmark a new permalink.

    more goodness ;)

  2. del.icio.us allows anyone to subscribe to any users feed via rss.

    I think advertising your del.icio.us feed will be a better idea.
    Allows for readers to opt-in as opposed to it being forced at us. (no malice meant, just making a point)

    For example I don’t read koranteng’s blog but i subscribe to his del.icio.us feeds.

    By using one of the links provided in the above post, I am now subscribed to http://del.icio.us/rss/ethanz

    Just my 2 cedis

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