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Red’s Top Ten!

The only bad thing I can really say about the Berkman Center at present: Wendy Koslow isn’t there anymore. While I’m deeply fond of my current Berkman colleagues, Wendy is something else, and I miss her every time I walk into Baker House.

After marrying The Accordion Guy (with my wife officiating!), she left dear old Cambridge behind and headed north to Toronto. But the lure of “our fair city” is strong, and she kept her ties, working as editor in chief of Top Ten Sources, a startup company that tries to introduce users to blogs by creating “top ten” lists and mini-aggregators of cool blogs. (Berkman Center director John Palfrey is involved with RSS Investors, which has backed the company.)

But Wendy discovered that working at home isn’t for everyone and that she needs a bit more stimulus day to day. (This wasn’t a surprise to anyone lucky enough to share a building with her.) She’s moving on… and looking for someone in Toronto to hire her and give her a fun office to work in.

Top 10 Sources for Wendys-Top-10
As a parting gesture, she offered her personal list of “Top Ten Sources”, and I’m honored and touched that this blog was included. Thought I’m a little baffled that it appears to rank two above her husband’s blog. Wassup with that, Joey?

Thanks, Wendy, and good luck.

1 thought on “Red’s Top Ten!”

  1. Thank you, Ethan!

    I knew I should have designated that it was in no particular order. :) Picking ten was tough enough!

    I miss you too.

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