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OneWebDay brainstorm in Cambridge

If you’re in Boston tomorrow, consider dropping in on the brainstorming session for OneWebDay. OneWebDay is a new holiday being created to celebrate the Internet and all it means to us… an Earth Day for the world of bits. So what will we do on OneWebDay? That’s part of what the gang getting together tomorrow night in Cambridge hopes to figure out. 7pm, John Harvard’s Brewhouse. Hope to see you there (which includes the hope that my schedule empties out and I can be there…)

3 thoughts on “OneWebDay brainstorm in Cambridge”

  1. Any chance someone could make a podcast of that so those that can’t attend can take a listen? Maybe a “best-of” style podcast of clips from the night?

  2. Hi Mary – I’m organizing the event. I’d love to be able to do a podcast but we’re really hoping to keep this informal and a comfortable event for people to get creative in their brainstorming, and in our experience when you add recording equipment it tends to take some of that spirit away (especially in a larger group where more concessions need to be made for recording than just setting a recorder on a table). We’re hopin a lot of the discussion will be in smaller groups rather than one large group, too. We *will* be collecting brainstormed ideas and posting them on the event wiki afterwards, though, and hopefully some folks in attendance will be able to blog about it, too (and link the posts on the wiki).


  3. so sorry I missed this!

    I just moved to Arlington this past weekend…and I first e-mailed in 1981…and have loved the Arpanet/Web/cyberspace ever since…

    keep me in the loop.

    I’ll check the wiki, too.

    Martha who loves to watch robots dance on the grass

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