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Global Voices Podcast. InFREAKINGcredible.

Most days that begin at 4am are, by definition, not good ones. But after bringing Rachel to a 6am plane at Albany airport, driving home and firing up the laptop, my iTunes downloaded the latest Global Voices podcast, Georgia Popplewell’s fantastic “Global Voices Podcast #1”.

We’ve experimented with podcasting before at Global Voices – recording Skype phonecalls with bloggers like Mr. Brown and Alaa Abd El Fateh, or informal chats with bloggers like Ahmad Humeid. But Rebecca and I are amateurs – Georgia is a pro. The veteran podcaster behind Carribean Free Radio, she’s a talented radio producer and has a voice so sweet I’d listen to her read the phone directory.

But the stars of the show are podcasters around the world. Georgia features excerpts from eight podcasters spanning the globe from South Africa to Israel, the Philippines to Mexico. It’s funny, informative, colorful and gives you a whole new set of podcasters to start subscribing and listening to. Plus Kazakhstan Stories will teach you all new ways to cook horsemeat. And Mr. Brown will fail to buy live birds in Singapore.

Listen now. There’s a good chance the time you spend with Georgia will be 17 of the best minutes you have today.

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  1. Thank you again for that 4am wakeup and airport drive — you are awesome.

    And when I get home I look really forward to listening to this! :-)

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