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Well, that was humiliating.

Well, that was humiliating. I expected us to lose to the Czechs. But I expected at least a goal, and cannot believe that Keller – who’s usually rock solid – gave up three. (It’s not Keller’s fault alone. Our back line looked like crap today.)

Why aren’t we starting Eddie Johnson? He’s clearly the most creative foot we’ve got up front nowadays. Donovan was a disappointment – Johnson and Reyna are the only bright spots I can see in an otherwise miserable game. (And goddam! the Czechs are good. If Nedved wants to retire, maybe he could come play midfield for the US national team for four years or so…)

Okay, now I’m putting on my Ghana gold shirt and heading out to Istanbul. Maybe the other team I’m pulling for will redeem an otherwise frustrating football day.

3 thoughts on “Well, that was humiliating.”

  1. The midfield was non-existent. That put a ton of pressure on the backline, which didn’t do well either.

    I mean, the Czechs are good but we made them look like the 1970 Brazilians. I was embarassed by the performance, more so than the result. We barely put up a fight.

  2. Well, I hope you enjoyed the fact that the Ghanaians gave a better game, even if they lost, too.

    Kind of a depressing soccer day altogether, esp. if you missed the first match of the day, as I did.

  3. Am I the only one who noticed this? I mean, let me get this right, now the US has lost, you are OK with switching sides back to Ghana?

    What makes you think that we will take you back :)

    – Steve

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