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Or “holiday”, as my British compatriots call it. I’m taking one. It’s brief, but I’m going to try to be offline, look at the ocean and whales and less at computer screens. Plan on being back online on September 4th, … Continue reading

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links for 2006-08-25

World Politics Watch | India and China Compete for Burma’s Resources Excellent article on the competition between India and China for Burmese oil, gas, coastline and ports. The author makes reference to the “great game” of the 19th century, where … Continue reading

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Islamic fundamentalist environmentalists, and other news from Somalia

While the situation in Somalia is still not garnering a great deal of news attention, some of the web’s smarter commentators are weighing in on the tensions between the Islamists and the Ethiopian-supported provisional government. Taylor Jackson sees the fact … Continue reading

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And you thought it was hard starting a business in your country…

One of the miracles of Somalia is the extent to which a state without a central government has managed to be a business-friendly environment. (Indeed, there are libertarians who’ve made the argument that the absence of a central government makes … Continue reading

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The news from Ethiopia, and why I’m bad at taking vacations

My European friends laugh at me for taking very brief vacations, instead of the month-long holidays they favor. (Actually, the Rabbi and I are about to disappear for six days to exotic, far-off Maine.) The truth is – I’m afraid … Continue reading

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Unpacking the DRC election results

As predicted, the first round of elections in the DRC hasn’t produced a candidate with the majority of votes for President. Joseph Kabila came close, but wasn’t able to avoid a run-off, tallying 44.8% of the 17 million reported votes. … Continue reading

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links for 2006-08-19

Communities of practice for development: Technology: wikipedia in local languages Joitske Hulsebosch – who is brainstorming with the WiktionaryZ folks on a pilot project in Ghana – with some responses to my recent posts on Wikipedia and language (tags: africa … Continue reading

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Some AfroElectro sounds for your weekend

I got interested in Africa over a decade ago because I was interested in African music. I was lucky enough to attend a college that had a remarkable African dance program, led by Sandra Burton, a veteran of Chuck Davis’s … Continue reading

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links for 2006-08-18

Indian village uploads itself onto Internet�|�Tech&Sci�|�Technology�|� Local geek puts his rural village onto the Internet, building a comprehensive website. But most of the villagers are interested in the ‘net as a way to get out of the village and into … Continue reading

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A video intro to Citizen Journalism

A group of students at Cambridge Community Television took on a class project in a video production class: a short documentary on Citizen Journalism. The documentary they produced puts many “professional” efforts to shame – it’s an impressive, creative and … Continue reading

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