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Or “holiday”, as my British compatriots call it. I’m taking one. It’s brief, but I’m going to try to be offline, look at the ocean and whales and less at computer screens. Plan on being back online on September 4th, if not a bit sooner. In the meantime, please keep an eye on Somalia and DRC for me, won’t you?

5 thoughts on “Vacation”

  1. Hi Ethan. Really enjoyed reading your blog especially the bit about the whales. That must be fantastic! My business partner has just returned to Ghana on business and has made me green with envy with him enjoying the great sunshine and many different activies. Hopefully I’ll be over there before Christmas!

  2. Ethan, just got back from a ‘holiday’ in the US myself. Having lived in Hong Kong for over a year now, I am so used to using that term now that it just rolls off the tongue. Enjoy Maine…

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