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links for 2006-09-26

5 thoughts on “links for 2006-09-26”

  1. […] There’re strong indications that the capture of Kismayo will be followed by more fighting in the next few days/weeks […]

    I just wanted to alert you to this – significant – development which I think is quite significant.

  2. Thanks, Abdurahman. I thought it was important too, but haven’t had a moment to put up a post about it… or about the Ethiopian response. Hope to do so later today.

  3. Hello Ethan!

    How are you? I´m writing for you because I started a new project called “One at all”, and I want you to be a member. Sampsa indicated you to be a member, and to join us!

    It´s a project where we can discust about everything: culture, music, politics, etc.
    Each country will be represented by one member.

    What do you think? I´m looking for suggestions too. Would be a great pleasure to have you in the project! By the way, If you can indicate people from other countries, I´d thank you a lot!
    Anyway, it´s just a project in which we believe! And it would be an honor to have you with us, Ethan.

    Sorry about posting this on this comment filed, but I didn´t find your e-mail.

    All the best,

    Diego Jock
    One at All – Project

  4. Thanks for the invitation, Diego. It sounds like a fascinating project. I can’t really take on any new work right now, so I can’t join as a commentator, but I look forward to checking out the site and giving you any feedback I might have. Thanks for writing.

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