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Come for the rabbi, stay for the latkes

As Rachel tells it, she got a call from a reporter from the Boston Globe who wanted to know two things: Did she have any creative recipes for Hannukah, and did she live anywhere near Boston? Despite answering “no” and “no”, the Globe decided that she was worth a story anyway. (And while the Velveteen Rabbi is certainly Globe-worthy, I’m not sure she would have chosen to be covered in the food section.)

So I got a desparate email from my wife asking if I could crank out a recipe for a latke variant I’ve been cooking for a few years when I get bored with ordinary potato pancakes. And now that recipe’s featured in today’s Boston Globe, along with an excellent overview of the challenging and rewarding rabinnic program Rachel’s working through. Very cool. Here’s hoping some people will enjoy learning about the complex and creative path Rachel’s taking towards becoming a rabbi, and that some others will enjoy making Hannukah food that includes a bit more color and flavor than most Ashkenazic jewish food!

6 thoughts on “Come for the rabbi, stay for the latkes”

  1. Steve, adding bacon to this recipe would definitely render it no-longer-kosher. Readers who don’t keep kosher might appreciate the addition, but I’d definitely check to make sure of the dietary needs of one’s Chanukah guests before taking that leap… :-)

  2. Hallo Ethan,
    You may have been told this already, but i saw a clip of you on the Daily Show last night!(Dec 13th) They were doing a piece on Al-jazeera english (sorry i cant seem to locate a clip, i will send it to you, or if you tivo Daily show you can catch it when you get back from Delhi)

    Have a brilliant time in Delhi, i will be following on the IRC channel.


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