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My life as a global media juggernaut

It’s evidently my week for total media domination. Not only are my latkes experiencing international exposure through the Boston Globe, I’ve finally made it onto The Daily Show. At least that’s what I hear: connectivity’s a little spotty here in Delhi, so I’m relying on the flood of emails I’ve gotten, and a post on The Third Path which has a transcript of the bit I appear in.

The piece is an attempt by the ever-helpful Samatha Bee to give a makeover of Al-Jazeera International so that it’s more interesting to an American audience – she ends up suggesting they spend less time on news, and more time talking about kittens. There’s a quick clip of me talking about search engine censorship on the “Listening Post” show, a clip I recorded via webcam and sent in for a pilot of the show. It’s an illustration of AJI’s problem – that it’s content is so boring, Sam is forced to smoke a joint to make it more interesting. I’m glad that, of all the talking heads who’ve appeared on the new network, I’m the one the Daily Show feels best illustrates pomposity and boredom…

Just wait until tomorrow’s Global Voices meeting turns into a riot and you see my face all over the Indian media as I’m trampled to death by a horde of multinational bloggers…

Heh. It’s even better! My comment gets Samantha Bee to throw her joint away and leave in disgust! Thanks to Janet for the link…

7 thoughts on “My life as a global media juggernaut”

  1. I’m the one the Daily Show feels best illustrates …boredom

    It’s your own fault, Ethan. I bet you used words longer than two syllables. Bee has her finger on the pulse of the modern attention span….

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  3. YouTube removed the video at Comedy Central’s request, but if you tell us the name of the segment, it should be possible to find the video at comedycentral.com. Unfortunately they don’t make it easy to find things by date, only by show & segment name (which you sometimes have to guess at).

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