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Someone let me know if this interview came out well…

The good news: New Scientist, an excellent weekly magazine, has an interview with me in its current issue. The interview is several months old, but is still useful, I think, as it covers a topic that’s going to be with us for a while: how the Internet will change as the next billion users come online. This is pretty much the topic that unites all my interests: social media in the developing world, open content, one laptop per child, media attention… So the chance to talk about it for a couple of pages with a smart guy like Greg Huang was a real pleasure.

Better news: the print version of the article features photos of the ger my friends and I build in our backyard every new years. This year’s ger was especially beautiful, as we got rid of the eaves, resulting in a smooth roof/wall transition, as you see in Mongolian gers.

Bad news: the article is behind a subscription firewall. Which means that you can’t see it unless you’re a New Scientist subscriber, or attend a university with a particular kind of New Scientist subscription.

Worse news: No newsstands carry New Scientist out here in the snow-covered hill country. And I haven’t managed to get my head around the idea of subscribing to a magazine so I can read an interview with me. So I’ll be catching up with the interview the next time I’m at a university library.

Oh well. Another interview I don’t get to read. :-)

2 thoughts on “Someone let me know if this interview came out well…”

  1. Hi, Ethan.

    The good news is that I have access to New Scientist through UMass, so I can grab you a copy. The bad news is that they hold back the most recent issue, so I can’t get it for about a month. I’ll write myself a note to grab it for you next month!


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