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Six Apart casts “evanesco”. Fanfic authors cast “expelliarmus”.

This week, LiveJournal began suspending the journals of a few hundred users whose self-identified “interests” in their online profiles suggested that they might be soliciting sex with minors. The crackdown eliminated some sites maintained by incest and rape survivors, others … Continue reading

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An update on OLPC from Dr. Negroponte

At tonight’s Harvard Law School cocktail party, before Nicholas Negroponte arrived to give a talk about One Laptop Per Child, a friend asked me why I continue to attend Negroponte’s talks. “Given how many of these you’ve heard, what are … Continue reading

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Rest in peace, KweYao.

I took an hour from grantwriting today to sit at the coffee shop in Williamstown and revel in the sociability of my hometown, before heading off to Boston, Arusha, Cape Town and possibly Ottawa over the next few weeks. I’d … Continue reading

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links for 2007-05-30

Global Voices Online ? Belarus: Blogger br23/Uładzimer Katkoŭski Passes Away Groundbreaking Belarusian blogger Uładzimer Katkoŭski passed away at age 30 in Prague. Rest in peace, br23 (tags: globalvoices activism belarus bloggers) Doing Business Map – The World Bank Group Excellent … Continue reading

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Relakks – an interesting option for circumvention and (partial) anonymity

It’s not every day that I get an introduction via video podcast. My friends Loïc LeMeur and Thomas Crampton used a podcast to introduce Rebecca, me and the Global Voices community to Jonas Birgersson, the chief executive of Swedish IT … Continue reading

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links for 2007-05-29

Help Our Fight for Real Democracy – Wael Abbas talks about the Egyptian democracy movement, the involvement of bloggers, and asks Americans about Mubarak: “Is this the kind of regime you want your tax money to support?” via:Akwe (tags: … Continue reading

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Thank you, Internet

What sorts of the stories is the Internet good for? Complex, multifaceted ones. Ones where lots of smart people have differing opinions. Like the crackdown on independent media in Venezuela by President Hugo Chavez. It seems pretty obvious that Chavez … Continue reading

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Mongolia conquers Japan

The May basho at Ryogoku Kokugikan ended yesterday with a clash between two profoundly talented rikishi. One was Asashoryu, who has been the sole Yokozuna – grand champion – of the sport since Takanohana retired in 2003. The other was … Continue reading

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Support Radio Open Source

My friends at Radio Open Source are doing an online fund drive to keep their brilliant radio show on the air. The show marries Chris Lydon’s conversational genius – he’s one of very best interviewers in the business – with … Continue reading

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At this time of year, I’ve usually got a list an arm’s length long of projects I need to work on around the house. Eight years ago, Rachel and I bought a house that hadn’t been occupied for over a … Continue reading

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