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  1. My God this is very great idea and news. I am just opening my mouth and listing how mobile is changing most of African problems much faster and better than any other technology even car and train, I can even say airplane. I might be wrong but I have some idea to have civilized conversation and argument.

    If I go back and meet our grandfather and mother 50, 30, 20 year back I can even say 10 years and told them about small mobile phone that would allowed as to communicate with out wire and cable I am sour they will think I am crazy.

    Now very one rich or poor have mobile almost but I wish more to come.

    One of my friend told me that even homeless people have a mobile phone in Africa now. Before they come to beg for food they will call to make sour they will get a food. Very amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can wait to see where it is going to take as.

    Thank Ethan as always.

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