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Podcast on Netzpolitik

I’m back from the Netherlands, Rome and an exhausting and exhilirating week. Fortunately, I’m home (Massachusetts, if not exclusively the Berkshires) for the next week, which gives me a chance to enjoy the turning of the leaves and the beginning of the Red Sox journey into the post-season. Next Tuesday sees me head off to Budapest, then Pop!Tech and then, possibly Chicago as part of a month that looks like it will include roughly 25,000 miles of travel.

While in Rome, I did a number of interviews with people covering the Web2 for Dev conference, including Burkina Faso-based blogger and journalist Ramata Sore, and with German political blogger Andrea Goetzke, who did a podcast interview with me for Netzpolitik. The text on the page is in German, but our conversation is in English, for anyone interested in how citizen media might fit into the world of international development.

Thanks to everyone who made Amsterdam, the Hague and Rome fun. Looking forward to the next rounds in Budapest, Camden and Chicago.

4 thoughts on “Podcast on Netzpolitik”

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  2. its called “Netzpolitik” :)

    i hope we’ll see some new projects like yours in near future.

    greetings from a guy who happens to read both blogs (yours and netzpolitik) regularly.

  3. hey E, when are you heading out to Chicago? I’ll be there the 12-13… Would be funny to meet there, eh?

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