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Pop!Tech – And that’s a wrap

The last three amazing speakers leave the stage, and there’s the sound of a marching band entering from the back of the auditorium. It’s the Hungry March Band, a group of musicians and burlesque-style entertainers, who take the stage in chaotic costume and play something between New Orleans funeral music and free jazz and seem to be having chaotic fun as everyone finds their bags and wanders out of the hall.

And just like that, it’s over – another overwhelmingly full three days, and – if BBEdit can be believed – roughly 22,000 words from me. Wow. Thanks to anyone who’s been reading, commenting and saying nice things about conference blogging.

Let me not forget that there’s a great crew of fellow bloggers here, doing their best to cover the events, usually from the shadows of the basement screening room. I really enjoyed sharing a couch with Joel Johnson from BoingBoing’s new Gadgets blog – he and I disagreed on several speakers, which made for excellent conversation. I was lucky enough to drive up with Jules Rincôn, who’s covering the conference en español on her blog, and Evgeny Morozov, who’s covering events on his blog and for The Economist. I’ve really enjoyed meeting Paris Marashi, who’s reporting in Farsi for Global Voices. And love and respect to everyone who’s been liveblogging the event, and to everyone who will write about the event after the fact.

The technorati tag PopTech2007 is pretty helpful for finding coverage of events, including in Popular Science Blogs, Next Billion and Underwire. Reading all these folks wouldn’t be the worst way to spend the rest of your weekend.

Thanks, Pop!Tech, for another excellent conference. Looking forward to the next oine, sometime after I regain feeling in the tips of my fingers.

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  1. Ethan: thanks for your outstanding coverage of the conference. Your posts are so thorough, that I decided to forego my plan to post a longer version of my 47 pages of notes on my blog, and just settle for a skim of general highlights – with links back to all of your individual posts – augmented with a deeper probing of my own personal experience of this amazing conference.

    Thanks, too for the links to other coverage. I’d like to add that a few of us have posted slides from our Wednesday pre-conference session on SlideShare, with the tag “poptech2007” – http://www.slideshare.net/tag/poptech2007 – and ther are, of course, a large number of Flickr photos with the same tag – http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=poptech2007. I haven’t been able to find other presentations or popcasts from this year’s conference on the poptech site. If you know where they are, perhaps you could add a link?


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