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Yesterday, I woke up in London to the news that Global Voices was down, our lead designer was on an airplane and no one could wake our sysadmins. And then I took my sixth transatlantic flight in four weeks.

Today, Rachel and I drove to Boston and back for a doctor’s appointment, and I got home to discover that my laptop had crashed. Hard. I’m borrowing her laptop as I try to diagnose what’s wrong with my poor machine.

I’m feeling a little like crashing myself. Or perhaps like I’ve crashed. There’s a couple of things I’d like to write on this blog, but it may take a little while for my brain to reboot.

6 thoughts on “Crash”

  1. I’ve never been able to figure out where you get all your energy from. I hope you have a chance to rest up and recharge soon.

  2. Hello Ethan,

    Every thing happened the some time!!!!! I hope every thing will be find soon. I think rebooting is good idea.

    —-Red Sox.

  3. Get some rest…BUT get back soon! Your blogs are a fix for many of us…or you’ll be personally responsible for….

    :) :) OKAY….we’ll hold out for a few days….:)

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