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links for 2007-11-16

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  1. Couldn’t one draw the opposite conclusion from the Belgium example – that the EU makes the trouble of negotiating over national identity unnecessary. EU language policies, and the declining importance of national languages under the EU have made it possible for numerous local languages to flourish. In Belgium there has never been a strong “national” language, and so it make sense that the country would split along linguistic lines…

  2. Yo Ethan, thanks for that “heads up” on the new report from the CGD re: the Pentagon’s changing role in US development and aid policies. FYI there is a red hot debate about AFRICOM going on over at the African Loft website this month. As you can imagine I’m losing and losing bad re: my position of being in favor of the standup of this new command on the African continent. After reading the report summary it looks as if this Center for Global Development brief won’t be any help in re-inforcing my arguments for AFRICOM. Schei–e!

    BTW: what’s this about GVO looking for a new Executive Director? This doesn’t mean that you and Rebecca MacKinnon are walking away from your incredibly successful baby, does it? Hopefully not.

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