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How the Internet says happy birthday

The most eloquent birthday wishes I received yesterday:

“And may you live a happy life to see web 20.0 when the whole world is truly flat!” – from my friend, Ndesanjo Macha.

The worst birthday gift:

Sometime shortly after midnight last night, some generous soul posted the millionth spam comment to my blog. Thanks, scumbag spammer. And many, many thanks to the fine folks behind Akismet who have made my life ever so much better.

Oddly enough, the Akismet site tells me that they’ve stopped roughly 4.1 billion spam so far, suggesting that I’m responsible for one of of every 4000 spam blocked by the tool. Can that possibly be right?

2 thoughts on “How the Internet says happy birthday”

  1. My personal Akismet spam count is 47,216. And the spammers are getting trickier all the time. Just the other day I saw a “do not delete this message, all proceeds from spam go to helping the poor in Uganda”.

    Happy birthday!

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