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3 thoughts on “links for 2008-02-16”

  1. hmm how orientalist.

    isn’t possible to transmit photos and avatars via bluetooth phones anyway?

    it’s more fascinating when you see the women themselves finding ways to assert an individual identity around these norms, whether it is in the avatars representing their cyber identities (childhood photos as avatars is common) or the ways they invent to decorate their veils (thats in places where the law doesn’t dictate dress codes of course).

    bluetooth as a tool for flirting, courting and revealing identities in public spaces is so common now you hear about the evils of bluetooth in friday sermons.

    but I guess no one gets a degree for “inventing” ornamental hijabs and flirting via bluetooth.

  2. I put a bookmark to it because I thought it was very interesting to see German designers trying to find a solution to a problem that’s already being solved by people living in parts of the world with restrictive dress codes. I mostly made a note of it so I could compare it to stories I’ve gotten from friends about flirting via SMS and bluetooth in ways that allow people to transcend dress codes…

    Your observation about childhood photos is a really useful one – that’s common across a lot of cultures, not just in the middle east…

    have you written about bluetooth flirting, Alaa – would very much like to read about that…

  3. I wish but since I don’t own a bluetooth and I’m out of the flirting scene I’ll have to do lots of research to write about it.

    but bluetooth deserves more attention, you can see total strangers swapping files on the metro in cairo, the act looks so common place yet the file could be anything porn, torture videos distributed by bloggers, islamist propaganda, and as far as I know there is no way to censor or control it.

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