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links for 2008-02-24

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  1. re the Times piece on Texas wind farms — I was really pleased to see this article. Boone Pickens likening wind energy’s potential to that of the legendary Texas oil fields is a big deal — great messenger for an energy source that everyone’s tired of hearing about from environmentalists. And I bet most landowners in wind-buffeted areas who read this piece did the math on that rancher’s wind-power profits — $77,000 a month for doing nothing other than permitting towers to be built seems like a pretty good business proposition.

    Wind farming has taken hold in upstate New York areas bordering on Lake Ontario — see this story in OnEarth Magazine. Great way for a family to lay in a college fund for their kids, as the story makes clear….

  2. Yeah, Derrick’s a badass. My wife and I sat on the couch yesteday, watching that video, and wondering how lame and inarticulate we would have appeared trying to explain our support for Obama. In one of the videos linked from the second Ashong post I linked, DNA goes on to explain that, as a movie actor and public speaker, he’s pretty much incapable of being phased when you stick a camera in his face… but I’m still deeply impressed by his spontaneous analysis.

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