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TED2008: Pangea Day

This evening, TED will issue this year’s TED prizes. They’re a bit unique – they involve not just recognition of amazing individuals, but support for them in achieving audacious new projects. One of the most audacious of these projects was the wish put forward filmmaker Jehane Noujaim’s vision for a global film festival, a single event where people around the world could get together and watch some films.

The set at SONY for Pangea Day

That vision has turned into Pangea Day, which will launch on May 10 of this year. The team behind Pangea day has solicited short films from around the world, and will show four hours of the best at this event. It will be held on a sound stage at Sony and broadcast to the rest of the world, not just on TV but via mobile video with support from Nokia.

The interesting idea, in my opinion, is getting people around the world to host film-watching parties and encourage discussion. I’m hoping that Global Voices and similar projects can help host these conversations.

See the trailer for Pangea Day on the TED site.

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    I submitted my film entitled ‘HER CRY’ on Pangea you tube but i am afraid my film was not well submitted,
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