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The World, and bloggers from all around the…

My friend Clark Boyd must be one of the planet’s most productive audio producers. Not only does he produce science and technology segments for WGBH/PRI/BBC’s “The World“, he produces a weekly podcast that digs deeper into many of the on-air stories and covers some topics that didn’t make it into the broadcast. I’m a subscriber, and it’s one of the perpetual hits on my iPod.

His most recent podcast features a number of topics near and dear to my heart: the use of mobile phones as mobile money (in this case, to support international terror), the perception of the US in other countries, and the fear of a global beer shortage. (Stock up now.) And it includes an interview with Juliana Rotich, one of my very favorite bloggers, who writes for her own Afromusing, for Afrigadget and as environmental editor for Global Voices. Very much worth a listen.

2 thoughts on “The World, and bloggers from all around the…”

  1. Ethan —

    Thanks for the shout-out! Full disclosure – by near daily podcast, you must mean weekly. Every Friday sir. No grade inflation at the BBC, and no extra pay for podcasts…sigh.


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