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Citizen Media and Pakistan’s Long March

Hundreds of Pakistani lawyers are protesting Pervez Musharraf’s attacks on the judiciary – and the failure of Pakistan’s new government to overturn Musharraf’s actions – with a series of marches from Karachi to Islamabad, referred to as “the long march“.

There’s no shortage of media attention on the protest, including an excellent series of short interviews conducted by the BBC. But it’s reasonable to assume that media outlets won’t be able to watch every encounter between protesters and security authorities.

That’s why noted Pakistani blogger and media activist, Dr. Awab Alvi, is organizing citizen media coverage of the Long March. Bloggers can contribute photos and videos to the blog by sending email to LM@help.pk. Awab is hoping that many protesters will take advantage of Pakistan’s GPRS network to upload photos, video and text reports, allowing near real-time coverage.

The blog currently features a combination of brief bulletins and a mix of citizen and mainstream press photos. Unfortunately, Awab appears to be posting photos to Facebook in a way that makes them very hard to share here, but there are a number of striking images already uploaded.

And, of course, there’s a Twitter feed. Twitter: don’t start a revolution without it!

1 thought on “Citizen Media and Pakistan’s Long March”

  1. long march still present here
    It may be favorite game of political leaders to make fun of law, Some don’t know the rules regulations and still and they are member of assembly, Pakistan have very good historical background, but about today law can be change next day 

    I really respect Shahbaz Sharif efforts, and I appreciate his work in Pakistan in last year, its not my own comments, Shahbaz Sharif work very hard in last year, and people feel its true feelings regarding nation, now he is under one political game, I hope that he will come back to serve Pakistan

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