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Lost in translation?

Say what you will about the decor in the Lloyd Hotel – and I have – the food’s pretty damned good. And the menu’s pretty charming, offering options like “boiled vegetables”, “posh boiled vegetables” or “superposh boiled vegetables”.

I did get hung up in the “deep fried” section, however. There, below the cheese croquettes and the bitterballs (fried gravy, more or less): “balls of chef thor, three”.

Genevieve: He’s got three of them?
Me: Had. Who knows how many are left.
Genevieve: Please tell me we’re ordering that.

Me, to the waiter: The balls of Chef Thor, please.
Waiter: Of course. (pauses). That doesn’t sound very good does it?
Me: How do you say it in Dutch?
Waiter: Chef Thors Ballen
Genevieve: I don’t think that’s really any better.

3 thoughts on “Lost in translation?”

  1. Ethan: you have done yourself proud this time. I am normally an avid follower of your blog but today you had me laughing out loud all by myself behind the reference desk of the public library where I work. The Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam: definitely OFF my list of places to see before I die, though do tell: I want all the details on the Thor’s balls dining experience. And how the hell did the damn Sandanavian get to Holland anyway.

  2. I wish they’d been more exciting, friends. I think they were basically just three different-flavored bitterballs. I had one that tasted a bit like spinach quiche and another that was filled with curry gravy – Genevieve had the other and had very little to report, other than that she wasn’t requesting another order…

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