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GV gets love in the press. Obama gets love in Ghana.

The Global Voices project Voices without Votes was just featured in an excellent article in the Washinton Post. Fearless leader of this important effort, Amira Al Hussaini, is prominently featured, and celebrated for her ability to keep together a team of international volunteers, mining the world’s blogospheres for persepctives on the US election. I’ve got high hopes that recognition from the Post will help draw some of the attention this project deserves.

There’s no shortage of citizen media around the world focused on the US election, both blogposts and videos. Personally, I’ve been digging the hit song “Barack Obama” from Ghanaian reggae star Blakk Rasta. If the acoustic reggae beat’s too soft for you, no fear – there’s a “crunk” version as well.

But my favorite is this homemade video, put together by some of the young men at the Orphan Aid school in Accra (and, I’m guessing, some of the folks who work with them). Through (patent-pending, I assume) Ghanaian green screen technology, Senator Obama makes an appearance on the soccer pitch and visits with a few of his many Ghanaian supporters.

I’m out of touch with the Ghanaian music scene, so I hadn’t heard Blakk Rasta. His biography is pretty fascinating – raised in Tamale, the major city in northern Ghana, he’s an observant Muslim as well as a convert to Rastafarianism. He’s got a degree in Land Economy from one of Ghana’s best universities and is evidently about to seek a law degree. Let’s hope that he doesn’t use his newfound legal skills to take on the remixers…

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  1. This report http://www.globalpublisherstz.com/2008/10/29/mwalala_obama_kaifunga_simba.html (front page splash!) in the Tanzanian sports tabloid, Championi, credits Obama with inspiring Yanga’s victory over Simba in last Sunday’s Tanzanian derby. Obama Kills Simba, screamed the headline. The scorer, Mwalala (it was one nil) says that before scoring he saw the shadow of Obama before him. Inspirational. Furthermore, Mwalala comes from Nyanza, Obama’s district in Kenya, reportedly.

    Trawl through globalpublisherstz.com for the full front page. Classic

  2. blakk rasta is the biggest thing ever to happen to african music.africans all over the should support blakk rasta to make africa proud.i think he is the biggest reggae artist coming out of africa now.watch out for his latest album(voice of the african rebel.)

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