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Free Razily

This has not been an easy year for Madagascar. A power struggle between the president, Marc Ravalomanana and Antananarivo mayor Andry Rajeolina led to the army ousting the president, who resigned on March 17th. Rajeolina has been leading the High … Continue reading

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The importance of being a dork

I had coffee recently with Gavin McCormick, a bright young economist who worked with me at Geekcorps some years back. He took a position with a think tank out West and was telling me that, after leaving Boston, he was … Continue reading

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Twitter – trends and incidence

This past weekend, I wrote a quick tool that estimates the incidence of certain words within the twitter stream using just a single search, not polling for weeks of data as some of my other tools do. This makes it … Continue reading

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links for 2009-04-30

Dan Gillmor says the future of journalism depends on active citizens: 'Weirdly optimistic': News: Feature: Independent Weekly: Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill Thoughtful interview of Dan Gillmor – focuses on what journalism looks like in the future, with a close focus … Continue reading

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links for 2009-04-28

Foreign Policy: 68 Million Congolese Can't Be Wrong Another response to the FP article on breaking up the Congo: "Congo, in short, exists because 68 million Congolese believe they belong to it. And unlike the country's borders, the idea of … Continue reading

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If US government contractors had designed the iPhone

It’s an unseasonably beautiful day here in Western Massachusetts, roughly 30 degrees farenheight higher than it has any right to be, and I was sitting on my front stoop reading when my local census enumerator showed up. We made pleasant … Continue reading

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Marc Lynch asks us to be realistic about digital activism in the Middle East

(Notes from a talk by my friend Marc Lynch, in dialog with Mohammed Bazzi from NYU’s journalism school at Open Society Institute, Tuesday night. Not only am I late to posting these notes, I had to duck out early. But … Continue reading

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Flu infects Twitter

Two weekends ago, I wrote a couple of scripts designed to let me (and anyone else who was interested) study the emergence of memes on Twitter over the course of days or weeks. I built the tools to study use … Continue reading

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An elegy (of sorts) for Geocities

Yesterday, Yahoo announced that it would be shutting down its free webhosting service, Geocities, later this year. The Geocities website sports a banner announcing that new accounts are no longer available, and urging potential customers to try their paid hosting … Continue reading

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Madagascar: new government, old tensions

I’m once again locked onto the #Madagascar tag on Twitter, trying to get a sense for what’s going on in the wake of the March transfer of power/revolution/coup. Unfortunately, that tag has been very busy today, as protests erupt into … Continue reading

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