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links for 2009-04-21

2 thoughts on “links for 2009-04-21”

  1. Thanks Ethan for directing your readers to Ali’s post on the DR Congo, especially after his long absence from the blogosphere. We have added to that conversation quite a bit since your last visit so you may want to check it out again for updates. It’s nice to have a member of the original DRC blogger crew back on the scene.

    The ladies over at GVO (Elia Varela Serra and Jennifer Brea) have become my GOTO references when it comes to important news and opinions about the DR Congo. They are doing a really great job in keeping people informed in my opinion___ and they are so dedicated to their work. How much you guys paying them for all that hard work (lots I bet)?

  2. Thank you Ethan for the link to the post on my blog. I invite people to come and discuss it, and read the continuing conversation that ensued in the comments.

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