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Eric Rescorla – How paranoid should we be?

Eric Rescorla is a man who speaks frankly about internet security. You might have guessed that from the name of his consultancy – RTFM – an acronym politely translated as “read the friendly manual”… except that it’s usually not politely … Continue reading

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Herbert Lin – the implications of cyberwarfare

Dr. Herbert Lin of the National Academies led a team to develop a study of cybersecurity and cyberattack for the MacArthur foundation. The report, “Cyberattack Capabilities“, is the first major unclassified look at cyberattack capabilities, Lin tells us. Lin tells … Continue reading

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Alec Ross on Internet Freedom at Princeton CITP

Alec Ross, Hillary Clinton’s senior advisor for innovation and advocate for “21st century statecraft” is the opening speaker at Princeton University’s CITP’s conference on Internet Security and Internet Freedom. In introducing him, Steve Schultze notes that Ross has noted that … Continue reading

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links for 2010-04-24

Recap: TEDxVolcano | Dare Mighty Things – The Blog of Entrepreneur & Social Entrepreneur Ryan Allis Notes from a spontaneously organized TED conference in London, caused by smart folks grounded by the Icelandic volcano eruption. (tags: TED volcano conference twitter … Continue reading

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The volcano and the virtual

What’s infrastructure? Colleagues at the Berkman Center have spent a lot of intellectual energy on this question lately. We’ve been lucky enough to have Christian Sandvig, communications scholar and technology critic, with us this past year, and he’s convened a … Continue reading

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Lindaba Ziyafika – The News is Coming

Harry Dugmore of Rhodes University is working on a pioneering project to provide news and information into urban neighborhoods in South Africa via mobile phones. The project – Lindaba Ziyafika (the news is coming) – is designed to create and … Continue reading

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Notes from the papers panel at ISOJ

Moving across the UTexas campus, I’m now at the International Symposium on Online Journalism, hosted by my friend Rosental Alves. The presenters I’ve seen so far are primarily academic researchers conducting experiments to increase the understanding of the relationship between … Continue reading

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Towards Texas Transparency

I’m at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin today. There’s a conference on financial transparency in Texas, featuring some excellent student work on making Texas’s finances on the local and state level more … Continue reading

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Reflections on the cyberdissidents event

My impressions of Monday’s meeting at the Bush Institue are somewhat pointillistic – I’ve ended up having interviews and conversations throughout that have kept me from blogging the blow by blow. And personal events have meant that this summary isn’t … Continue reading

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Freedom House at the George W. Bush Institute

Freedom House, a seventy-year old organization, founded by Wendell Willkie and Eleanor Roosevelt, is now focusing on measuring freedom in online spaces. Christopher Walker and Robert Guerra are representing the organization at the George W. Bush Institute meeting on cyberdissidents, … Continue reading

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