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GWBush Institute – opening remarks

I’m speaking today at the George W. Bush Institute at Southern Methodist University on a conference on cyberdissidents. My colleague Hal Roberts and I are here to offer the technological counterpart to what’s otherwise a meeting to celebrate and recognize … Continue reading

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Too complex to report: Magnetar, Goldman Sachs and burning down the financial house

Two weeks ago, On The Media (my very favorite NPR show, which is saying something as it has stiff competition) interviewed NPR economics correspondent Adam Davidson about the challenges of reporting on financial reform. Davidson is part of the Planet … Continue reading

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Blog silence, real-world logorrhea

Apologies for radio silence on this blog, friends. April is apparently the month that I’ve returned to public circulation. During those months I was at home taking care of wife and baby, I evidently said “yes” a few too many … Continue reading

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links for 2010-04-09

An American in Tehran — In These Times Fascinating account from an American journalist visiting Tehran, who argues that we misunderstand how much support the Ahmedinejad government has, how limited to the Tehran elite the green movement is, and how … Continue reading

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Abdoulaye Wade: Monumental Ambition

Political legacies are an uncertain thing. Will Abdoulaye Wade be remembered as a democratic reformer committed to smashing the one-party state in Senegal? As a president who wasn’t able to address Senegal’s key challenges – unemployment, poor infrastructure, a relentless … Continue reading

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Is Vietnam conducting surveillance via malware?

I’ve been following reporting on the discovery of a new botnet in Vietnam with interest. McAfee and Google both posted information on the botnet on Tuesday the 30th, and the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and New York Times all … Continue reading

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