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links for 2011-03-30

America's Great Passport Divide – Richard Florida – National – The Atlantic Richard Florida connects "the passport divide" in the US to a variety of key economic and political statistics, suggesting passport ownership is a proxy for a wide variety … Continue reading

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links for 2011-03-29

Tahrir Documents Archive of documents from the Tahrir Square protests. (tags: egypt jan25 revolution history archive protest MENA) How Tarsnap uses Amazon Web Services Tarsnap uses private key encryption to backup data on Amazon's cloud while ensuring privacy. Very smart. … Continue reading

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Angry birds, dictatorial pigs, satirical Russians

There’s a new, must-watch online video, “The Three Big Pigs”, that uses the wonderfully addictive mobile game Angry Birds to comment on political change in the Middle East… and American involvement in that change. It was featured today on online … Continue reading

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links for 2011-03-28

ART EXHIBITION – The World in One City – By Philippe Sibelly | Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith Around the world without leaving London – lovely project photographs Londoners from 202 countries, each holding a Polaroid of the previous person … Continue reading

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How restless a searchlight?: Using Media Cloud to measure the change in media cycles

2011 has been an exciting year for those of us who usually complain that US audiences don’t encounter enough international news. Since protests in Tunisia succeeded in ousting Ben Ali from power in Tunisia, the news cycle has been dominated … Continue reading

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In Soviet Russia, Google Researches You!

Martin Feuz, Matthew Fuller and Felix Stadler have a very clever paper in a recent edition of First Monday, titled “Personal Web searching in the age of semantic capitalism: Diagnosing the mechanisms of personalization.” In their study, they create three … Continue reading

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Facebook friends = regime instability?

I’m giving a talk this week to a group focused on telecoms in Africa, so I’ve been catching up on my African telco statistics. In the process, I stumbled on Online Africa, a really extraordinary collection of data sets about … Continue reading

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links for 2011-03-14

Updated: African leaders on Facebook (December 2010) oAfrica: Tracking ICT Progress A list of African leaders who are popular on Facebook. Odd correlation between leaders who've been forced out and Facebook popularity (tags: africa facebook data statistics) Data & Numbers … Continue reading

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links for 2011-03-11

The Like Log Study – Yury Lifshits – Yahoo! Labs Yury Lifshits study on what stories got "liked" on top 45 news sites. For me, methodology at least as interesting as results… (tags: facebook socialmedia statistics news yahoo journalism data)

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PJ Crowley at Center for Civic Media: only 75,000 followers fewer than Castro

PJ Crowley is the U.S. Department of State Spokesman and Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs. In other words, as he explains to the audience at “MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media, where he stopped by on March 10th for an … Continue reading

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