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Targeted marketing at Quantified Self?

People at this conference are tracking aspects of their lives in far more detail than I currently am. I’m feeling very much like a late adopter and thinking I may need to run out and buy a Fitbit, a Zeo and start tracking my moods in terms of smiling panda bears.

But there are other forms of tracking that I’m just not ready to sign up for yet.

This ad, or a variant of it, appears over the urinals at the venue for the quantified self conference. I looked up BodyKey, of course, and discovered that they’re manufacturing an a tool for monitoring your health and education through your urine.

Perhaps there’s no such thing as too much data, but I’m pretty sure I’m not yet the target for this particular application…

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  1. Reminds me of all of those 24h urine catches the obstetric team kept ordering, during the last few months of pregnancy. Would’ve been a lot easier to just pee on a chip. :-)

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