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Our wedding, October 7-9, 2022

Amy Price and I were married the weekend of October 7, 2022. We were legally married at the Pittsfield MA city hall so that our friend, Dr. Colin McCormick, could officiate our wedding on October 9. While Massachusetts has one-day solemnization certificates, Colin needed to participate via Zoom, and MA law doesn’t recognize virtual solemnization. And so, we got legally married on a beautiful fall day by the Pittsfield City Clerk as our friends were coming into town from around the world.

Our wedding included visits from our Texas friends to our home in Lanesboro, a tour of MassMoCA with sixty friends, a dinner and board game session at The Log on Spring Street in Williamstown, before a brunch wedding on Sunday the 9th at Greylock Works. Our wedding venue was an old “weaving shed”, which had been part of Berkshire Mills. Amy found a wonderful video of the mill in 1917, which we projected on one of the walls of the space.

We invited friends to photograph the events for us and they did a brilliant job, though friends might been having too much fun during the MoCA visit and pizza dinner to fully document events. We are especially grateful to Andrew McLaughlin, who took video of the full event. We made it difficult for him at the end, when we rickrolled our own wedding and danced down the aisle for our recessional – McLaughlin was laughing too hard to always hold the camera steady.

“The Book of Love”, as performed by Cidnie Carroll, Amy and me

Rick Astley strikes again.

Two moments that I will particularly treasure were captured by Margaret Stewart – our friend Cidnie Carroll performing Magnetic Fields, “The Book of Love” with Amy and me, as well as the wonderful recessional Amy choreographed.

I’m grateful to all the friends who were able to make the trip to be with us and their efforts to document the event. I’m grateful to my parents for their help in paying for throwing a giant party And I am impossibly grateful to Amy for being my best friend, my partner, my favorite co-conspirator and now my wife. 16/10, A+++++++, would marry again.

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