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Children’s Drawings from Darfur

In February 2005, Human Rights Watch sent researchers Dr. Annie Sparrow and Olivier Bercault to Chad to talk with refugees who’d fled from the bombings and Janjawid militia attacks in Darfur. A pediatrician, Dr. Sparrow usually gives crayons and paper … Continue reading

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I lied. LpkC lives.

Siim Teller appears to have picked up the LpkC idea (on his beautifully designed blog) and has run his own set of numbers, which appear to compare the circulation of Estonian newspapers and incoming Google links. Unfortunately, I don’t speak … Continue reading

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The last LpcK post for the forseeable future

Thanks to the help of friends at Technorati, I’ve been able to run numbers on most of the 150 top circulation newspapers in the US. For some papers, I continue to find no or few links on Technorati – I’ve … Continue reading

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The Continuing Saga of El Pixie

Ethan’s Axiom #1: If you wish to be linked to by bloggers, write about blogging. Ethan’s Axiom #2: Taking a swing at the Wall Street Journal never hurts your Technorati ranking. It’s been very gratifying to see the links per … Continue reading

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Amy Gahran runs with the idea… and gets feedback from CSM…

Amy Gahran of Contentious was kind enough to blog my Christian Science Monitor idea yesterday both on her blog and on Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits. And she went a wonderful step forward and asked Tom Regan, who runs CSM’s blogging, including … Continue reading

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More on The Monitor

Thanks to everyone who’s linked to, or commented on, my early experiments with a blog link per circulation metric. Now that Quinn has pointed out that LpkC can be pronounced “El Pixie”, invoking images of a suave Latin leprechaun, I … Continue reading

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End of the week roundup

A quick roundup of stories I’ll be watching over the weekend: Severo Moto, leader-in-exile of Equatorial Guinea’s main opposition party, has disappeared. A central figure in last year’s bizarre coup plot – where Equatorial Guinea alleges that South African mercenaries, … Continue reading

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Is Christian Science Monitor the Word’s Bloggiest Newspaper?

I had an unexpected – and very pleasant – surprise Tuesday afternoon. I had a meeting scheduled with a friend who works on the web side of the Christian Science Monitor – when he arrived for our meeting, he had … Continue reading

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Tedeschi and the New York Times Get it Wrong

Bob Tedeschi, technology reporter for the New York Times, wrote an article on Monday about the financial troubles of online craft retailer Eziba, and their implications for artisans in the developing world. (The Times article will go under a for-pay … Continue reading

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Tor – Onion Routing and the modern dissident

I received excellent feedback on the first draft of the technical guide to internet anonymity I wrote a few days back for Global Voices. One of the questions I was asked (multiple times, and sometimes quite forcefully!) was why I … Continue reading

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