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“Bono and Brad Pitt Need Your Help!”

I spend a good chunk of my waking hours grousing about how little attention most people pay to Africa. And then everyone pays attention for a few days and I grouse again. This is yet another reason why I don’t … Continue reading

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Catching up with my aggregator

Catching up with my aggregator and some of the stories it snagged last week while I was MIA: I’m happy to pitch in to help Cameron Marlowe of Blogdex complete his survey of blogger behavior and, we hope, receive his … Continue reading

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Let me buy you dinner…

Okay, I’m just back from Italy, and now I’m planning the next trip. Here’s something I just posted to Global Voices, inviting friends in South Africa and Jordan to dinner. If you’re going to be in Johannesburg, Cape Town or … Continue reading

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My heart’s on vacation

Hi folks – I’m disappearing for about ten days and am going to be largely offline during that period, which means no blogging. Enjoy the silence. I’ll be back online on June 27th. (There are half a dozen people I … Continue reading

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Stories about Sand in Sri Lanka

Six months after the Boxing Day tsunami, all is far from well in Sri Lanka, which was massively impacted by the disaster. The JVP, a Sri Lankan nationalist party (sometimes characterised as a Marxist party), has pulled out of Chandrika … Continue reading

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Wondering about the word “wiki”

Anyone who goes to conferences half as often as I do knows the phenomenon of conference friends. They’re folks you like, who you enjoy spending time with, and who, as conference friend Doc Searls puts it, “you only see when … Continue reading

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The trouble with “globophilia”

I’m returning from PUSH, which was a great deal of fun. My talk appeared to go over well, and a few folks were nice enough to ask for copies of my slides, which I’m posting here as Powerpoint slides and … Continue reading

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Hossein, writing from home

Hossein Derakshan is home for a quick visit. This is trickier for Hoder than it is for most bloggers – he’s been living in Toronto since 2000 and hasn’t been back in Iran in the interim. Given the highly political … Continue reading

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Push Singh at PUSH 2005

Push Singh is interested in the hardest challenge of Artificial Intelligence, common sense. While programming a computer to beat humans at chess or index a million documents are solved problems, it’s still remarkably difficult to teach a computer than rain … Continue reading

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Loretta Hidalgo at PUSH 2005

Astrobiologist and space advocate Loretta Hidalgo is speaking today at Push 2005. The President of the Space Generation Foundation., she’s someone who clearly has been in love with the idea of space since she was in kindergarden. She’s interned with … Continue reading

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