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Compton with less guns

Dynamo is a hip hop magician. He’s from Delph Hill Estates in Bradford – one of the toughest housing projects in Britain – which he explains is “Compton with less guns and less rappers.”

He learned a few tricks from his grandfather – the sorts of tricks you do at a bar to get free drinks – and has combined them with a style taken from UK grime. He shows us card tricks played on the London underground, and gets millionares to try “pop and locking”, which is how he holds together his card trick routines.

He’s clearly got skills, and he’s got a great style, but it’s a little strange to watch a kid from the UK grime scene trying to connect with the rich and powerful of Silicon Valley – oddly this gang has little in common with the millionares of the global hip hop scene. On the other hand, it’s a great reminder that magic doesn’t need to be Vegas glitz – it’s really about hustle, something that Dynamo’s got in spades.

3 thoughts on “Compton with less guns”

  1. Did anybody ask Dynamo why he mentioned guns in connection with Compton?
    I see he is from Britain. Did anybody ask him what do guns have to do with crime? Do guns, all by themselves, cause crime? If so, how?
    A lot of other questions to ask about guns and crime, which would be great because then Dynamo could display his expertise in criminal science.
    One question screams out: Which has a higher crime rate Mr. Dynamo, Compton or Delphi Hill estates?

  2. The truth is he is just a kid. Nothing to do with crime rates or guncrime. If you see him on television you will realise these are comments of a dim kid with all the usual aspirations blasted at him by the, media- rappers, guns and compton being just a tiny fraction of them. He is a brilliant magician though.

  3. Having been at the conference his actual words were “Delph Hill, it’s a bit like compton with less guns…” meaning it’s a poor area with a bad reputation and obviously less guns (as they are illegal in the UK). Why would you think he should be an expert in criminal science? Why would you call him a ‘dim Kid’. Why would you feel the need to over analyze something so trivial. He is a great magician and probably a lot smarter than you think… challenge him to a game of poker and you’ll find out!

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