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Julia Sweeney is a reasonable woman

Julia Sweeney is an actress who has a one-woman show, “Letting Go of God”. She gives us the first 18 minutes of the show, which, unfortunately for me, overlaps pretty neatly with the stretch of the show she did on This American Life not long ago. Which means that you can listen to her if you wish. You should. She’s great. It’s about faith, growing up, common sense, the “age of reason” and the problems with understanding each other. Seriously. Listen to her now.

2 thoughts on “Julia Sweeney is a reasonable woman”

  1. Ethan:

    I have been trying to keep up via your blog and Ory’s over at Kenyan Pundit and I have to let you know, you have been blogging faster than I can read and digest your output from TED 2006.

    Its almost like I am in there with you.

    Keep up the good work and thanks.


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